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About Anita Bartholomew

As a veteran developmental editor (AKA book doctor) and past long-time contributing editor to Reader’s Digest, I specialize in the art and craft of story-telling.

On the editing side, authors rely on me to help them improve all elements of their manuscripts and proposals so that they’re more competitive in the marketplace. My editorial services may involve advising an author on structure, characterization, pacing, plausibility, dialogue, plot, continuity, word choice — any and all elements of a narrative. Clients include published authors of non-fiction, memoir, and fiction. Please see my website for testimonials from clients and their agents.

PLEASE NOTE: As some may know, I am a literary agent (but no longer accepting new agency clients) in addition to being a developmental editor.

To avoid conflicts of interest, I have built a firewall between agenting and editing. Ethical considerations make it impossible for me to act as both editor and agent for the same author.

I’d be happy to talk to you about editing your manuscript or book proposal if you are represented by a third party (unrelated to Salkind/Studio B) literary agent, of if you already have a publishing contract, or are planning to self-publish.

– Anita Bartholomew

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