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February 20, 2009

James Patterson gets 28 new co-authors

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Best-selling crime author James Patterson will release a new kind of novel next month – one that’s been collaboratively written with the crowd. Called AirBorne, the upcoming novel will feature 30 chapters, each written by a different author except the first and last – those will be written by Patterson himself.

The co-authors each won the right to pen one of the chapters in a contest co-sponsored by Borders Australia and Random House. The book will be released, one chapter at a time, on the web, of course.

December 18, 2008

Could you win the Breakthrough Novel Contest?

Amazon and major publishing house, Penguin Group, are again teaming up to find the next breakthrough novel. Could your novel be the one? If you are an author of fiction whose manuscript has yet to find a home, you have nothing to lose by entering and everything to win. Unlike a great number of writing contests, this one doesn’t require an entry fee. And the top prize is a publishing contract with Penguin.

But you needn’t be the Grand Prize winner to come out ahead. Several of last year’s runners-up also ended up with major publishing contracts. That’s thanks to their books’ exposure to judges who are among the biggest names in publishing including bestselling authors, literary agents, and acquisitions editors. This year’s judges are just as impressive.

So, get that manuscript in its best possible shape now. Entries are only accepted between February 2 and February 8, 2009. Good luck.

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