Ask The Editor

February 16, 2009

Coming in January 2010: the Kindle killer

I’m delighted to learn that a new e-reader  is being developed: a super-thin, lightweight device with a large enough screen that you will be able to read a full magazine page without scrolling.

It’s not that I plan to rush out and buy one. I like my paper books just fine. But, if ebooks are the future, I don’t want a proprietary system from Amazon to become the de facto monopoly distribution system.

We’ve seen what happens when Amazon is in position to strong-arm
publishers on traditionally printed
and POD books.

This device will be open source — meaning that you won’t be limited to reading text in a system owned by the e-reader’s makers, which is now the case with the Kindle. It will handle Word, pdf, and other documents, and it will cost about what Kindle costs.

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